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Orisol Asiais a world leader in vision guided and computerized stitching machinesfor the shoe industry, enabling a high speed, multi-part upper stitchingfor a consistently high quality product.
Orisol Asiaoffers constantly expanding shoe-making solutions for different production stages through a variety of high quality machines, thus implementing greaterefficiency, cost reduction and profitability on the shoe-making production floor.
Orisol Asiainvests inresearch and development to keep up with our innate drive for innovation and technical leadership.
Orisol Asia has played†a key role†in†training workers and advancing the shoe industry toward a new technological era.†Our main business strategy is built around the customer and his needs, justifying his investment in machinery and maintaining strong technical support.

Orisol Asia donít Sell Machinery!
Orisol Asia sells methodologies and solutions†for†day†to day
shoemaking world challenges.

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See the Orisol††vision.Pictures of other† Orisol factories.See Video of Orisol Factories.

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