Products and Technology

Orisol Israel develops and provide advances solutions for mass production manufacturing. Which involve robotics and automation development as well as SAAP solutions for building production programs for our robotics. Our end to end solution is starting with DXF format received from standard CAD design tools, via sewing, welding and milling program creation tools to a full data base control system for production files.

Ultrasonic welding system

Sewing & Welding automation

ONS & UHF - are advance Programable Stitching and Welding Machines with various of automatic controls over process petameters, include auto detection of next program by RFID or QRCode reader and online cloud base performance monitoring system via OPC-UA. In addition, the Orisol sewing and welding systems are equipped with unique CAD editor as part of the machine, which enables online editing of the programs on the machine.

CAD products line

SEWCAD - Orisol CAD solutions are  developed by Orisol from scratch without any dependencies in 3rd party products and licensing.

Our products are designed to provide end to end solution for our customers, with touch screen based for on machine Editor,  up to a full CAD design platform for sewing, welding and milling programs creation. Targeted to serve the full cycle of production from design CAD to final product on machine.

Industry 4.0 solutions

PDCS - Production Data Collection System. All Orisol products are connection online to Production Data Collection System (PDCS). Which is a comprehensive management tool for the production floor, enabling the manufacturer to monitor relevant production outputs and parameters from ORISOL equipment on our automatic stitching and assembly product lines.

The collected data is analyzed online and provides our customer especial inputs about overall productivity as well as specific machine performance. 

Cloud Base service solutions

ROMPS - Remote Operation Maintenance Platform Services. This product is an efficient cloud base toll with interface via web or mobile phone application for machines and production tracking. It enables online production monitoring and status review, include expected maintenance for each machine as well as online troubleshooting guidance for repairs.

Central data base

ORINET - an SQL cloud base system which contains and organize all Orisol machines production files into one data base for easier management of work files in factory. Keeping them up to date with version control and clear change tracking via approval system.

ORINET system connects the machine to the central data base, enabling automatic  operation by auto recognition of recipe with pallet ID, with direct download of last version file and start sewing automatically. The system reduces human error at many points along the production steps.

Cementing and chemical lines

ORIBUFF, ORISPRAY and ORIBOND - Orisol Israel holds several patents on Chemistry processes and products which enables automation of manual process. with unique technologies developed internally, we change the materials in use for surface treatment and for cementing to a non-VOC, clean and environmental materials. The new technology enables factories to move from manual treatments and cementing processes to automation by advanced robotics and machines which change the way these processes are performed.   

Orisol technology is installed in over 2000 customers around the world