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Orisol Solutions for Footwear and Apparel Industry

SEWING and WELDING solutions

Orisol products provides end to end solution for automatic stitching and welding, include machinery, software solution and operational methodologies.

Orisol solution includes: industrial grade automatic stitching machine, milling machines for pallet production, full CAD solution, as well as enhanced software package to support productivity control, remote services and manufacturing process tracking via cloud base system.

Orisol machines are designed with architecture targeting industry 4.0 requirements, equipped with online internet connectivity, communicating with factory level control systems.

Machines include full CE certification with additional safety measures for employee protection.

The TTS (Flipper) is a patented full process robotic system with 9 axis, which was developed by Orisol Israel and combines all required processes to produce a complete shoe tongue automatically.

CAD Solutions

Orisol CAD products line is designed 

to provide an end to end solution for our customers. Enabling welding and milling programs creation for production. Starting from initial design to final product on machine. Orisol full CAD solution provides production files creation for our products, while Orisol machines are equipped with unique touch screen based Editor as part of the machine operation system, enabling smooth production floor operation.

Cementing process automation

Oribuff is a patented chemical process invented by Orisol Israel and includes complete rubber surface preparation for cementing. It covers cleaning, buffing and priming processes by an automatic process. We have developed the chemical formula, machinery and process parameters. The process we developed is water based, VOC free materials.

Oribond is a patented cementing process which is based on PU powder coverage of the cemented surface. Enabling the transition from manual to automatic process. Orisol developed the chemical formula, cement production process, automatic powder spraying machine, ovens and process parameters.